A Horrifying Animation Of One Of The Country's Most Hideously Powerful Forces

They're calling it "The Beast." And not in a good way.

A Horrifying Animation Of One Of The Country's Most Hideously Powerful Forces

There's a monster in your community.

And it has grown to truly monstrous proportions.

It's devouring resources that should be used for good.

And for some reason we keep feeding the beast.

That beast is the American prison system, and it's costing U.S. taxpayers $228 billion per year!

We're paying to keep 2.3 million people locked up, and half of those prisoners are there for non-violent drug charges.

Are there more worthy uses of $228 billion?

I think you know the answer to that.

We could educate more kids!

$114 billion could create over 3 million new teaching jobs.

We could prevent more drug-related crimes!

$114 billion could pay for drug treatment for over 9 million people.

And as a result, we would be a safer and stronger nation.

Want to stop the beast?

Watch the video:

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