A Calvin Klein Model Became Famous Overnight Because Of Her Size. She's Not Plus-Size. Or A Size 2.

Basically, no one had heard of model Myla Dalbesio until a few days ago when she was thrust into the spotlight because she posed for a Calvin Klein ad.

Meet Myla Dalbesio.

As you can see, her Calvin Klein ads ushered a lot of negative feedback.

However, according to New York Magazine, at no point did Calvin Klein's campaign say that Myla was plus-size — it appears that media reports were the ones to report she was "plus-size" first. And Myla herself agrees — she readily acknowledges that she's "in-between."

In fact, when you put the controversy aside, Myla's got some pretty rad words that we should take some time to mull over.

Like Myla's statement? Still got doubts about it? Well, the dialogue doesn't end here. Myla's rise to the spotlight has also sparked larger conversations like this one on the need to have the term "plus-size."

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