A British comic's brilliant reason to stop voting just went viral.

It might sound unlikely until you watch it, but Russell Brand makes a pretty great case against voting. Obviously, you're a fully-formed human being capable of making your own decisions about what not voting would actually mean, but consider what Brand has to say at 1:35 and 5:36. On a side note, not once during this entire interview did I remember that he used to be married to Katy Perry. Anyone who can make me forget about THAT for 10 minutes is worth a listen in my book.

Unfortunately, not voting often has the terrible repercussions of women's rights being taken away, reversals in LGBTQQ legislation, and increases in anti-immigration policies, to name a few. The point Brand is making isn't that we should let ourselves be walked on — it's that we are already getting walked on but think we're making progress.

Share this video if you think the things he has to say about our system have some truth to them. Or don't share it. What am I, a cop?

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