6 new definitions for words you don't usually want to hear

Who says words have to mean what they mean?

6 new definitions for words you don't usually want to hear

What if we were able to turn discouraging words on their head?

That's exactly what artist Nkiruka "Kiki" Nwasokwa set out to do.

"I've always loved playing with words — but one day I had the strange thought: 'What if there were acronyms that actually said the opposite of the word they formed?'"

Out of her desire to empower people to feel better about themselves, the project, Operation Inside Out was formed.

Here are the words getting redefined, one acronym at a time.


When you think about it, failure does lead to more interesting outcomes! Good point.


Challenge can be a blessing. This is a good way to look at obstacles, don't you think?


Often when we feel doubt, we don't believe in ourselves. This redefinition just assumes brilliance. Nice!


Mistakes do help us see things in a whole new light. Insight is definitely the key word.


Inspiration + challenges = transformation. Nailed it.


Feeling discouraged is especially hard. Confidence and resolve are what you need to get back to doing what you were meant to do.

It's easy to feel stuck when these words come your way. I'm sharing this in case these new definitions help someone get over their setbacks and get back to doing what they do best.

I was inspired to make one myself! Here it is:


That wasn't easy!

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Seven years ago, Bill Murray shared a powerful story about the importance of art. The revelation came during a discussion at the National Gallery in London for the release of 2014's "The Monuments Men." The film is about a troop of soldiers on a mission to recover art stolen by the Nazis.

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