Being a woman isn't easy, but in every iteration, it's pretty damn beautiful.

Especially when it's drawn by French illustrator Cécile Dormeau, who depicts women of all shapes, sizes, and colors experiencing the honest, funny, awkward, and infuriating moments that make up a woman's lived experience.

It's a colorful, animated look at life without the male gaze or unrealistic standards of beauty — just women experiencing pride, strength, and uncertainty in equal measure. Body hair in all its glory. Women celebrating and embracing every curve, scar, and stretch mark as the badges of honor they are.

Here are 15 of Dormeau's illustrations and GIFs, along with your daily reminder that women are amazing AF.

1. We come in all shapes and sizes, and each one of them is freakin' gorgeous.

2. We're strong, even when our heads tell us otherwise.

3. We go against the grain.

4. We serve up looks. Even if they're just for us.

5. We eat. And we like it.

6. And we don't always feel bad about it afterward.

7. Why should we? We're awesome.

8. We've earned our stripes. Literally...

9. ...and figuratively.

10. Yes, we can be tender and vulnerable.

11. And even unsure.

12. But that's not an invitation to f--k with us.

13. Seriously. Don't f--k with us.

14. Because we're strongest when we work together.

15. And you ain't seen nothing yet.