10 interesting facts about Iran you probably won’t hear on the news

There's a lot of mystery surrounding Iran, and, it turns out, a lot of misinformation, too.

10 interesting facts about Iran you probably won’t hear on the news

In 2002, President Bush called it part of the "Axis of Evil." The U.S. technically has no diplomatic relationship with it. We hear news about various nuclear talks all the time.

But what do Americans really know about Iran?

A whole people shouldn't be defined by its government. Speaking of which ... the U.S. government did some shady stuff back in the day that certainly didn't help Iran's democracy. (Whoops — quiz answer spoiler!)

In the spirit of shared humanity and cross-cultural understanding, why not take a moment to test your knowledge of Iran with this short quiz?

Go ahead, it'll only take a few minutes.

How'd you do?

I think it's amazing how just answering 10 questions about a country that is sometimes called "evil" makes it seem less distant, more real, and not evil at all.

If you learned something new and think others might, too, why not give it a share?

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