Remember This The Next Time You Come Across A Climate Change Denier

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A handy guide that may help you out next time someone tells you climate change doesn't exist.

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Man: You cold? With all the snow and what not? Where's your global warming now, huh? I've been global freezing my global ass off out there, you know? Global warming? I just saw Al Gore and a polar bear out there huddling for warmth.

Woman: Come here for a second. Say it with me, “Climate is different than weather.”

Narrator: Got climate change deniers? Ripping their hearts out, frying and curing the meat, and selling it as jerky is never the answer. Sit with them. Gently explain difference between climate and weather. And if that doesn't work, then pee in their coffee.

Woman: I warmed it up for you.

Narrator: It won't change anything, but your world will feel a little warmer.

Man: Mm, hazelnut.

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This video was made by The Second City Network. I spent about an hour watching their videos, so go and subscribe to them on YouTube as they're hilarious.


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