Most Math Lectures Make Me Want To Take A Nap. This One Made Me Rethink Most Of Earth's Problems.

Gabe Stein

I'll be honest: For the first 30 seconds, you're going to wonder why you're watching what appears to be a boring lecture about math. Hang in there. By the time you get to 6:30, you'll be super-excited by how quickly you learned this critical concept — and even more worried about what it means for our future. Hopefully, you'll want to make sure everyone else you know learns it too.


Original by the late, great Professor Albert Allen Bartlett, who gave this powerful lecture over 1,700 times during his career. If this one made you think, you can watch the entire series online on Professor Bartlett's website. I hope you have some free time, because that thing is a giant pit of endless knowledge. Once you start, you won't come out until an hour later, when you'll be a full-on neo-Malthusian (you'll even know what that means). Don't say I didn't warn you.


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