Is Sugar The Original Gateway Drug? What It's Doing To Our Brains Is Pretty Wild.

Sugar is the ultimate frenemy. There's so much to love, and then sometimes you really think about it and you’re like, ugh, WHYYY. But the part that really gets me is the companies out there that slip unnecessary sugar into their food products. And not just certain ones ... most of them. They do it because they know the effect it has on our minds (and therefore their annoying profits). Sneaky, sneaky.


I hope I'm not the only one who was eating a piece of candy while watching this TED-Ed original and then was like, oooohhhh. But mad props to Nicole Avena and Chris Boyle for putting it together and to STK Films for the sweet animation. Super interesting stuff! Oh, and the delicious-looking ice cream thumbnail image is from Ruocaled, used under Creative Commons license.

Feb 17, 2014

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