Imagine if every school played this Kid President 'pep talk' before class.

Wisdom comes with age, huh? Don't try telling that to Kid President.

The kid's on fire in this insightful and funny pep talk that we can all most definitely take something from.

Kid President doesn't claim to know it all, but he does know a few things.

And I tell you what, if you wake up in the morning with at least one of these five things on your mind, I bet you'll conquer your day. Kid President tested. Kid President approved.

1. You matter. Don't let anyone make you think differently.

We are all unique and weird and amazing in our own ways. Sure you'll have your ups and downs, but keep that head up. YOU matter.

It's science, man! And also, you are great.

2. Being a bully is dumb. Don't do it.

Be nice instead. It'll take you further in life, and someday you'll look back on the bullies that you've known and think, "They wasted so much time being horrible to others. No wonder they're still living in their mom's basement!"

Ain't nobody got time for bullies.

3. History is made by ordinary people — like you and me and Justin Timberlake!

If you have an idea that you love, go for it. You never know what'll happen. Maybe you'll invent something or write the next hit song. It's up to you!

Ordinary people who aren't afraid to try (and fail sometimes, too!).

4. If you want to change the world, you'll need to know about it first.

Life is one big school. Rule #1? You gotta show up! Listen, read, ask questions, and most importantly: Be present!

Eek. Can you imagine?

5. Is there a teacher or person in your life who inspires you? Let them know.

Don't let those who've helped you in life go about their days not knowing it. Tell them how much they mean to you. Text them. Call them. Tell them in person. Heck, even write on their Facebook wall! It'll make their day. Promise.

You heard the kid!

It's true: No matter who you are, somebody is learning from you. Everybody is a teacher, and everybody is a student.

So what do you want to teach the world? What do you want to learn? Find out and go do it!

And maybe share this to inspire those around you to do the same. Because honestly, we are so much better when we're being our very best together.

Let's do it.

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Kid President: It's time to wake up people. This one goes out to teachers, teachers and students.

It's time to get our learn on, and we got a lot to learn too. I don't know it all, but I know a few things. Science. You're here. You take up space. You matter. It's just science, man. Don't be a bully. Don't even be a bully to the bullies. It just makes more bullies. We can all be awful sometimes, but we can all also be awesome. It's time to be more awesome, and that's what it's time for.

History, we got to study it, so we don't repeat it. But as history does repeat itself, now I'm going to name my pet dinosaur, Reginald. I just hope he doesn't eat me. We can't just study history, we got to make history, and history is made by ordinary people. Ordinary people like you and me and that guy. The world's greatest thinkers, Confucius, Albert Einstein, Justin Timberlake, they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like me. Well, I put my pants on one leg at a time while I'm dancing. You can go, bye. Yeah, you're going to be in the video though.

Life is a school, and you got to show up. You can't just sleep in. You can't be late, and you can't just hang out in bathroom, that's gross! It's like Walt Whitman said, "Yolo." Except he didn't say that, but you would know that if you would read the book. Baby! Seriously read a book, any book, except the vampire ones.

You want to change the world, you got to know about it. What if Shakespeare didn't go to school? His plays would be even more confusing, "To be or not to be?" Is that the question? I don't know what a question is, I didn't go to school. Anybody? Help me out here. I've got a question for you, "What are you teaching the world? How to be boring? How to make the world sad?" No, no, you're not. We're teaching the world what it looks like to be awesome. No matter who you are, somebody is learning from you. Everybody is a teacher, and everybody is a student.

Look for the awesome. Teachers see things, they see when you run down the hall, they see when you're passing notes, but they also see the person that we can all become someday: a writer or a speaker or Martin Luther King. Teachers keep teaching. Students keep studenting. That's not a word, sorry about that.

Here's to teachers that see the awesome. The homework is this. What do you want to teach the world? Do it, let's make some history together because it's simple math. Together, we're louder. Those girls are a little too loud. Is there a teacher that inspires you? Let him know. This is for teachers everywhere. So, share it with them. We got to make the world awesome. Somebody is learning from you. I'm out. Get your learn on. We're making history. I'm gone.

Male: Awesome.

Kid President: Keep learning, people.

Chorus: SoulPancake, subscribe.

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Aug 27, 2015

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