You Will Not Believe What Beautiful Things This Guy Does When He Puts On Some Earphones

This amazing man was essentially trapped in his body, destined to waste away in a nursing home. Then they brought him an iPod.

  • At 0:51, a nurse gets as choked up as you will later.
  • At 1:21, we learn about how great this guy was back in the day.
  • At 2:02, we see how Henry was before music. 
  • At 2:30, we see how he is now. And we smile.
  • At 3:00, it's hard not to laugh.
  • At 4:00, we get Henry's opinion on music.
  • At 4:21, he starts jamming. 
  • At 5:15, just grab more Kleenex.
And then if you want your friends to tear up too (with happy tears), I'd go ahead and share this.
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