You May Find These Things Gross, But Wait 'Til You See What They Can Do

Mushrooms tend to gross a lot of people out, but maybe we just need to give them a try. They can really put the fun in fungi (heh heh).


Let's take a look at what these amazing organisms can do, shall we?

Mushrooms are a really essential part of life.

In addition to being delicious and healthy, they can also be used for bioremediation and biofiltration.

They can be invaluable to communities that are dealing with toxic waste.

In fact, they've been used to help clean up oil spills in northern California, the Tar Sands in Canada, and the Amazon Rainforest. Whoa.

Who knew that something so many people find gross is really so indispensable?

Scientists. The scientists knew it all along.

Annnnnndddd where would we be without a couple puns to wrap it up? Just for you, my friends:

Q: What would a mushroom car say? A: Shroom shroom!

Q: What room has no doors, no walls, no floor, and no ceiling? A: A mushroom.

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