Yes, he went there: You're awesome. This is as funny as it is inspiring. Which is very.

You are a hero. Seriously.

Who, me?

Kid President is a wise little charmer.

He says you're a hero — you just don't know it yet.

It's about strength.

Not lifting-car strength.


“Nothing's stronger than that," according to K.P. “It's what changes things."

“You're way more than you think you are," he says.

"You're more than your problems, and you're more than your mistakes." — Kid President

So, what does Kid President mean by "hero," anyway?

"Heroes are just ordinary people who've done extraordinary things that inspire other people to be extraordinary."

Like Nathaniel, age 12.

Like Madison, age 15.

Like Bob, age 55.

Kid President says it's simple.

If you want to be awesome, treat people awesome.

Because the little things we do are a big deal.

Think: Who's been a hero to you?

A parent, teacher, or a friend? Let them know, the same way this little wise man is letting you know right now. Make someone's day great.

And don't wait for some signal from on high.

Ask yourself what bothers you that you can help fix? And who can you bring with you?

You don't need a cape.

Just trust that you can do something to make things better. Kid President says, “You have everything you need to make someone's day more awesome."

It's time to be the hero you're meant to be.

Message received. And now, back to being a kid.

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