WTF: Housing For Elderly, Poor, And Disabled STILL Ignored In The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy?

The Rockaways in Queens, N.Y., were some of the hardest-hit by Hurricane Sandy. This community housing complex has been powerless since the 29th, with only volunteer help appearing to offer any aid. Populated primarily by the elderly and disabled, the building lacks elevator service — meaning most people can't get down from the high floors on which they live and have been stuck there for days on end. Amazing, generous volunteers have been working together to get water, nonperishable food, and blankets to the people living on the uppermost floors. The relief and joy of the people they encounter is as heartwarming as it is worrisome. Seriously, where are the National Guard and Red Cross?

To learn more about the situation, click here; to find out how you can help, contact New York Communities for Change. And please take a second to click the Twitter button and get the word out about this situation. Lives are at stake.

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