Which Piece Of Cake Would A Homeless Person Rather Eat?

The double standard that surrounds charity couldn't be worse for the world. Imagine a Steve Jobs or Donald Trump of charity, and you're imagining a world that we could absolutely have if people would get their heads on straight. If entrepreneurs could make their fortunes doing charitable work, I wonder how many more ambitious college freshmen would drop business and major in helping-other-people. At 2:32, Dan Pallotta asks a really insightful question about breast cancer and homeless charities. At 3:26, there's a serious gut check about how we view money vs. charity. At 4:35, ask yourself if you want to lose $350,000. At 7:58, Disney makes the list of things we care about more than charity. At 12:04, we hear the difference between waste and overhead. At 14:29, Dan tells a sad story about a charity that got screwed. At 17:00, Dan drops a very poignant bomb.

Which Piece Of Cake Would A Homeless Person Rather Eat?

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