Which Of These Joe Bidens Will Show Up Thursday?

Joe Biden is a lot of things to a lot of people. Gaffe-prone jokester. Liberal icon. Train aficionado. Vice President. Whatever you call him, he's debating Paul Ryan on live TV this Thursday, and the anticipation is killing us. 

Which Joe Biden will show up to Thursday's debate?

Will it be the Biden whose son is about to leave for Afghanistan, who has spent his career advocating for our troops?

Or will it be the Biden who uses insulting ethnic accents when talking with constituents and neighborhood groups?

Not once, but TWICE.

Will it be the Biden who pushed the President to come out in favor of gay marriage when no one else would?

Or will it be the Biden who asked a man in a wheelchair to "stand up" as though he could?

Will it be the Biden who has spent decades being a tireless, passionate advocate for liberal values?

Or will it be the Biden who makes Quayle-esque miscues?

We hope it's the Biden who called Obamacare, "A big f***ing deal." 

Because we appreciate healthcare reform, and people who talk real.

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