When Howie Mandel Revealed His Most Intimate Secret, He Had No Idea He Was Live On Air

Sometimes "trying to keep" a secret is more difficult than the secret itself.

When Howie Mandel Revealed His Most Intimate Secret, He Had No Idea He Was Live On Air
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Howie Mandel has OCD.

Howie is open about his OCD now, but that wasn't always the case.

Here's how that all changed.

He appeared on "The Howard Stern Show" in 2006. He wasn't there to talk about his OCD. No one knew about it.

After the interview, he tried to leave but nobody would open the exit door for him.

He didn't want to touch it himself because germaphobia is part of his OCD.

Mandel then revealed that he takes medication for his OCD and regularly sees a psychiatrist to keep his OCD in check.

Howard Stern found this funny. But to Howie, it was no laughing matter.

He thought the interview had ended and never intended on sharing his secret with the world.

He had no idea he was still live on air. He felt humiliated.

They finally opened the door for him, and he left.

Minutes later, on the street, a stranger approached Mandel to say he'd just heard him on the show.

The man's words would change Mandel's life.

The stranger simply said, "Me too."

Mandel makes the point that people can tell coworkers about dentist appointments, but if they mention seeing a psychiatrist, they'll get looks.

Realizing that sharing his own story could help others, Mandel became a mental health advocate.

By speaking out and raising awareness, he's hoping to change attitudes and reduce fear around mental illness.

Help stop the stigma.

Awareness = less judgment. Let's end the stigma.

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