OK, starting off with some honesty. Not bad.

Why — you don't think you can handle the extreme cuteness?

"Must. Have. Ball."

Wow, look at that vicious dog. So terrifying. (Just kidding.)

That dog is totally like, "Squirrel? Is there a squirrel over there? I thought I saw a squirrel."

:( I hate that people have such bad images of pit bulls.

... no comment.

To be fair, these are some pretty darn well-trained dogs. But still, point taken.

Yeah, that would suck.

The last clip really hits the nail on the head: "Every dog is like a child. You just have to raise it the right way."

So what have we learned? Don't judge a dog by its bad reputation.

*cue Joan Jett singing "Bad Reputation"*

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