Image by Brent Connelly from Pixabay and sixthformpoet / Twitter

Twitter user Matt, who goes by the name @SixthFormPoet, shared a dark love story on Twitter that's been read by nearly 600,000 people. It starts in a graveyard and feels like it could be the premise for a Tim Burton film.

While it's hard to verify whether the story is true, Matt insists that it's real, so we'll believe him.

Matt's thread has to be the greatest "how I met my wife" stories ever told. Just to think, if that man had never murdered himself and his family, he never would have met the love of his life. It shows how life is never cut and dry. Misfortune can lead to fortune and that's how the whole darn human comedy keeps perpetuating itself.

The graveyard story is part one of three tales shared by Matt on June 9. The others are amusing stories are about a trip to Disneyland and the death of a neighbor.

The dark and twisted folks on Twitter had some great responses to Matt's tale.