It's Always Fun When A Sitting Congressman Sits On A Science Committee And Doesn't Understand Basic Human Biology

Republican Congressman Todd Akin, awful human being, is running against Claire McCaskill for Senate and said the awful thing below. Everyone needs to know his name so he never gets another vote in any race, not even like a dog catcher campaign in a rural town. Because Todd Akin is a awful human being. Share this like it's your job.

Rape fact:
  • A 1996 study found that more than 32,000 pregnancies occurred after rape per year in America. So he's really, really wrong, by any measure, on top of being completely insensitive and cruel.

More things to know about Congressman Todd Akin, awful human being:
  • He bravely apologized for his choice of words, in a way befitting a congressman who is awful.
  • He wants to eliminate school lunch programs and the morning-after pill entirely.
  • He was co-sponsor of a bill that only counted "forcible rape" as a reason to get an abortion, as if there was any other kind.
  • He once questioned whether rape accusations might be used by bitter women to get back at their husbands in divorce cases.
  • Also, Congressman Todd Akin is an awful human being.