They sexually assaulted women on camera. Now it's their turn to be exposed. For good.

If you aren't familiar with the land of YouTube, you might not be aware of this sexual assault scandal wherein a famous vlogger named Sam Pepper went around groping women as a "prank." He hid a fake arm in his sweatshirt pocket and used his real arm to grab their butts when they turned to give him directions. It was creepy and gross. It still is creepy and gross. Unsurprisingly, he's done other videos that were even creepier and grosser. Since then, vlogger Laci Green and the YouTube community have called him out, writing an open letter to Sam, campaigning to stop this insanity. After doing some investigative work, Laci discovered multiple women have been attacked not just by Sam, but by other YouTubers as well, and decided to make this video. It's shocking and upsetting, and we as a community need to watch her video and do something about these so called "pranks." Because they're not pranks. At 2:49, Sam Pepper responds in the worst way humanly possible. At 4:00, Laci discusses the newest allegations. At 6:45, she talks about what you can do.TRIGGER WARNING: There's lots of discussion of assault as well as brief clips of YouTubers street harassing and groping women in this. From 0:43 to 1:40 are the Sam Pepper incidents; 5:40-6:24 shows other YouTubers being awful.

I asked Laci how we can help, and she asked everyone to share this and report any videos on YouTube that endorse this kind of behavior. Up to you, but I'll owe you one.