This is a fantastic April Fools joke.

A group of people, including legendary comedy director David Zucker ("Airplane," "The Naked Gun"), got together in Los Angeles and staged a protest in a parking lot.

The goal of the demonstration?



Why, you may ask, should we fight to protect our parking lots from this rampant deciduous menace?

It's like that Joni Mitchell song.

But in reverse.

Joking aside, these guys have a serious point to make.

California's water supply is in deep trouble. A multiyear drought is wreaking havoc on the state's ecosystems.

And according to some forecasts, California only has about one year of water remaining in storage.

Trees help reverse this trend by conserving rainwater, aiding in energy conservation, and filtering CO2 pollution.

So really, we should do the opposite of what these guys say. Which their website makes perfectly clear.

Plant a tree.

Especially in California. But, you know, everywhere else too.

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