The Upworthy 'Joy-Worthy' gift guide

Holiday presents that continue to give back long after they’re opened.

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SeaVees SeaChange Slippers


The holiday season is all about the spirit of giving. So Upworthy is embracing it by sharing gift ideas that won’t just bring joy to those who receive them, but also work to make the world a better place. 'Joy-Worthy' gifts support important causes, promote education and help share positivity through love. We’re sure your loved ones will enjoy these gifts and their positive impact on the world as much as you enjoy giving them.

To make things even merrier, 10% of all sales made through this gift guide will go to Guiding Eyes for the Blind (or in the case of our first partner SeaVees, every pair sold will lead to one foot of coastal kelp forest being regenerated through a partnership with SeaTrees).

SeaVees SeaChange Slippers

Nothing says “happy holidays” quite like incredibly cozy slippers. Whether you’re curled up next to the fire or stuck outside collecting the firewood, these slippers made with supersoft fleece will leave your feet feeling as toasty as the marshmallows on your roasting sticks. The slippers are vegan, with the fleece fully made from PET recycled plastic—so Rudolph and his eight reindeer coworkers would approve. Plus, you’ll be supporting a company that loves spreading holiday cheer. Last Giving Tuesday, SeaVees donated thousands of new shoes to families in underserved communities through their partnership with The Conscious Alliance.

KiwiCo STEM Holiday Bundle

For the child who spends the holidays pondering how Santa’s sleigh actually functions, this box set of fun, educational projects that teach engineering and mechanics is a perfect gift. After building a spinning Christmas Candle Carousel, a hand-cranked automaton of Santa’s sleigh, and a light-up Santa’s Workshop, the lucky kid in your family will be ready for any engineering challenge that comes their way.

Warby Parker Janelle Sunglasses

Some people like to play with their new toys on Christmas morning, while others are just fine relaxing and watching the festivities. Help them sit back in style with a pair of Warby Parker Janelle sunglasses that have oversized lenses big enough to block all the morning sunshine reflecting off the snow. Plus, for every pair purchased, Warby Parker distributes a pair of glasses to someone in need, helping people around the world see how beautiful the holidays can really be.

LoveBook Personalized Holiday Book

Getting curled up in blankets and having a favorite book read to you is a wonderful holiday tradition, and now that favorite book can be your own personal story. LoveBook lets you create a completely unique and custom book that tells whatever tale you’d like, with fun LoveMoji characters designed to look like you and your loved ones. Now all your greatest holiday stories, from your mom cooking the perfect holiday meal to your dad cursing for six hours while putting together your new bicycle, can be immortalized and shared with those you love forever.

Conscious Step Socks That Protect the Arctic

Santa’s reindeer do quite a lot of work on Christmas, so why not give a gift that helps preserve where they call home? This three-pack of super comfortable socks featuring polar bears, narwhals and reindeer will keep your toes warm all winter, and a portion of all sales help Conservation International protect wildlife and their Arctic habitats. They also come in both small and medium sizes, to fit both the elves and the Santas in your life.

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This story first appeared on the author's Medium and is reprinted here with permission.

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