The Response He Received Spells Out A Much Bigger Problem That Hollywood Still Has

Donald Glover is an incredibly talented actor, comedian, and rapper. So it comes as no surprise whatsoever that when some geeks online got angry at the suggestion of a black Spiderman, he delivered a brilliant response that is the exact sort of thing I want to see on my screen.

But while his joke is hilarious, it spells out a bigger problem. The fact that the mere suggestion of "Hey, why don't we have a black Spiderman?" could rile up such hit-your-face-against-the-deeply-entrenched-racist-wall racism highlights the greater need for diversity in mainstream cinema.

To put it in better words from the man himself: Donald Glover did an interview a few years ago where he talked about the reaction he received. Read what he had to say below:

While we're on the subject of diversity in Hollywood, this Racialicious article is a good read — give a go at the game they suggest playing four paragraphs down.

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