The First Point She Made Was Like, BOOM! The Other 7 Just Got Better And Better.

Jessica Williams is here and she's gonna tell it LIKE. IT. IS. And she doesn't care if you like it. That's why *I* like her! Yay.

The First Point She Made Was Like, BOOM! The Other 7 Just Got Better And Better.


1. ... she laid down the law about street harassment in ONE LINE.

Watch the episode here.

2. ... she got real about how long we'll be doing the war thing, probably.

Watch the episode here.

3. ... she takes a moment to remind us how real(ly scary) it is being a woman ... EVERY DAY. Seriously. Even my mom loved this one.*

*Hi mom!

Watch the episode here.

4. ... she throws out some cut-to-the-truth sarcasm about gun control policy in America.

P.S. Can we talk about how she sometimes wears a suit and tie and now *I* want to do that?!

Watch the episode here.

5. ... she responds so LITERALLY to Bill O'Reilly commenting on Beyoncé's sexiness and its influence on women that it became SUPER obvious Bill O'Reilly made no sense that day. Yay.

Can we also talk about how she makes Jon laugh?

Watch the episode here.

6. ... she makes a metaphor about doing laundry that is SUPER PROFOUND about racial profiling and "stand your ground" legislation.

Watch the episode here.

7. ... she flips the ol' stop-and-frisk profiling policy on people dressed like bankers.

Did anyone else say to themselves, "It's a crazy idea, but it just might work!" after seeing this?

Watch the episode here.

8. When she helped some dude figure out that he basically was advocating for America to become "The Hunger Games" in order to solve hunger.

Watch the episode here.

What do you think, Danny Glover GIF from "Dreamgirls"?

I agree completely.

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