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1. For some, it's a delicacy.

No kidding. Tokyo chef Toshio Tanabe serves soil to his customers with potato balls, as a soup, and as sorbet.

2. For others, it's a beauty secret.

3. It's also lots of fun.

4. Soil has been the birth — and the downfall — of entire civilizations like the ancient Mayan Empire, ancient Greeks, and Easter Islanders.

As Vandana Shiva, an advocate for sustainable farming, says, a war on the soil is like suicide. Past cultures, like the Mayan Empire, ancient Greeks, and Easter Islanders, cleared land for farming, but left the soil exposed to wind and water, which carried away the rich topsoil. Think about what we did here in the U.S. to the land during the Dust Bowl (a.k.a. "Dirty Thirties.") Topsoil is the fertile layer where all the action is. Without it, crops struggle to grow, produce less, and are vulnerable to diseases. That means less food for people.

5. One scientist describes fertile soil as "Times Square all the time."

Just a tablespoon of soil can hold a billion living things — insects, spiders, worms, mites, fungi, tens of thousands of bacteria, and plant roots. When plants and animals die, their remains are broken down by these tiny creatures, releasing nutrients.

6. Soil nutrients fertilize plants so they can grow, and in turn feed us...

...and the soil cycle of life rolls on.

Learn more in this very cool movie:

For the first time in its 56-year history, Sports Illustrated will feature a transgender model on its glossy cover. 23-year-old Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio will appear in the July issue, which hits stands early next week. Sampaio wrote on Instagram that she was "excited and honored" to be part of such an iconic issue, adding: "The team at SI has created yet another groundbreaking issue by bringing together a diverse set of multitalented, beautiful women in a creative and dignified way."

A native of Fortaleza, a city in northeastern Brazil, Sampaio has been making history in the fashion world in recent years. She was already the first trans model to make the 2017 cover of Vogue Paris. Scouted while she was a young teen, she quickly made her way onto key runways in her home country. She managed to make an impression in a short time— launching her career at 18 years old—as L'Oréal Paris's first trans model. She hit another milestone last year, when she was the face of Victoria's Secret campaign, breaking barriers as the first trans woman working with the brand.

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