Trying to guess which twin smokes is the perfect way to help you quit

Nobody would call smoking “glamorous” after seeing these comparisons.

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Which twin smoked?

It's not revolutionary news that smoking wreaks havoc on your body in different ways. More often than not, however, the focus of anti-smoking campaigns is on your internal health, citing emphysema, heart disease, and lung cancer, to name just a few consequences.

While the superficial effects may not be as lethal, appealing to people's sense of vanity can have a powerful effect as this clever gallery below shows. Twins, only one of whom smokes, sit side by side, showing the profound damage smoking can cause to your face, hair, and teeth.

The twins' circumstances vary in each set of pictures, but the differences and effects are undeniable. In some instances, one of the twins never smoked. In others, the "smoking" twin had smoked for at least five years longer than the other "non-smoking" twin.

Though they're not common knowledge, the effects of smoking on your appearance are predictable and consistent. You can identify a smoker with ease if you know what you're looking for. Harmful smoke, dehydration, and even the heat from a burning cigarette can damage your complexion, hair, and eyes. The photos below helpfully point out the symptoms and effects on the smoking twin.

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Identical twins surprise dad with classic identity prank and his reaction is delightful

He hadn't seen one of his twin sons in nearly two years, and his boys made the most of it.

Muhammad and Musa played a practical joke on their dad, who hadn't seen Musa in nearly two years.

Identical twins get to do some things the rest of us don't, from forming their own unique language as babies to fooling friends, family and teachers with identity-switching pranks.

Usually, parents of twins are immune to such tricks, as they recognize the subtle differences between their offspring even when others might be duped. However, under the right circumstances, identical twins can pull a fast one even on their mom or pop.

Such was the case with two adult twin men who decided to surprise their dad. Musa, who plays basketball overseas and hadn't seen their father in a year and a half due to the pandemic, pretended to be Muhammad, the son their dad sees frequently. Musa donned his brother's glasses and clothing and even held Muhammad's child when he arrived at the father's door in an attempt to fool their old man.

Both twins have the same beard, and in the dim light of night, it's understandable that Dad wouldn't think his son wasn't who he appeared to be. And to be extra sneaky about it, Musa-pretending-to-be-Muhammad immediately asked their unsuspecting dad if he had talked to Musa lately. Well played.

Watch the father's face when the other brother walks through the door and he starts to figure out the practical joke.

That few moments of confusion as dear old dad tried to figure out who was who was hilarious, but his joy in having his sons together was palpable. Clearly, he didn't mind that his kids tricked him. And those forehead kisses? Too precious.

USA Today talked with Muhammad, Musa, and their father, Rashad, about their close relationship. Gotta love a family filled with so much love, affection, and mutual respect—and of course, a great sense of humor.

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Editor's Note: We used "black" in lowercase for our headline and the body of this story in accordance with emerging guidelines from the Associated Press and other trusted news outlets who are using uppercase "Black" in reference to American descendants of the diaspora of individuals forcibly brought from Africa as slaves. As part of our ongoing efforts to be transparent and communicate choices with our readership, we've included this note for clarity. The original story begins below.

On February 26, 2019, Stacy and Babajide Omirin of Lagos, Nigeria got quite the shock. When Stacy delivered identical twins through C-section one came out black and the other, white.

The parents knew they were having identical twins and expected them to look exactly the same. But one has a white-looking complexion and golden, wavy hair.

"It was a massive surprise," Stacy told The Daily Mail. "Daniel came first, and then the nurse said the second baby has golden hair. I thought how can this be possible. I looked down and saw David, he was completely white."

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Having a well-organized changing table is crucial to the first two years of raising a child. Because when things go wrong on a changing table, they can really go wrong. So one has to be prepared for the most dire of circumstances.

The wipes have to be close enough so you can grab one while holding the kid's feet in the air. The diapers have to be easily accessible so the kid doesn't fall off the table when you reach over to grab one.

The table also has to be easy to clean for the inevitable mess that comes when tending to a naked child with zero bowel control.

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