jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence tries to hold it together while eating super spicy wings.

It's an interesting premise for a show to invite celebrities to talk about their careers while eating hot wings that get spicier and spicier, but it works. First We Feast's "Hot Ones" has been a fan favorite on YouTube, with everyone from Tom Holland to Idris Elba to Billie Eilish partaking in the tear-jerking, mouth-burning interview challenge.

People have ranked their favorite episodes multiple times, based largely on guest reactions to the wings. Gordon Ramsey's appearance in 2019 has gotten more than 119 million views in the past four years as he critiques the wings, swears profusely and dramatically spews water in an attempt to stop his mouth from burning. But at least he had some donuts in front of him to help cut the heat.

Jennifer Lawrence appears to be in the running for the most entertaining "Hot Ones" episode, and with only a few different drinks to choose from to ease the pain. She's definitely tough, making it through all 10 wings without bugging out, but her reactions are so genuinely JLaw, it's hard not to love them. With nearly 9 million views in just two weeks, her sobbing appearance may just be the best yet.

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