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Husband goes to salon with disabled wife to learn to style her hair

When you're an able bodied person it can be easy to forget that caring for yourself isn't something that comes easily for those that have physical limitations. Sometimes the limitations are due to injuries, pain, genetic and autoimmune disorders or due to missing limbs. Having these limitations don't mean that you can't care for yourself, sometimes it means you have to do things differently or you need the assistance of someone else to help you.

One husband wanted to make sure that his wife's disability wouldn't stop her from having her hair fixed the way she liked it. According to the salon, Happy Hair House, who posted the incredibly sweet video to Instagram, the man's wife is no longer able to lift her arms to style her hair due to losing muscle function in both of her arms.

In the video the stylist starts blowdrying the woman's hair while using a round brush to style it at the same time and the husband watched her movements intently.

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Woman learns lesson in kindness after date apologizes.

How you treat people in the service industry is often used as a measure of what kind of person you are. Arguably, the same could be said for how you treat anyone in a customer-facing job, whether it be the sales associate at a department store, the cashier at McDonald's or the janitor in your office building.

While people may think that these jobs are not skilled positions, they do require an immense amount of skill that has to be learned. The skill just isn't as valued by society as a whole, and sadly, that often leads to people treating those in customer-facing jobs poorly. But when a woman recently went on a date with a potential partner, her poor behavior towards the waitstaff caused him to pause.

The story was shared by a woman by the name of Barbara NOT Barb on Twitter with a lengthy thread about her daughter's recent interaction. Though the details were juicy, it quickly became obvious that kindness is the way to go.

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Dad gives pep talk and women are thanking him for the encouragement

"You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today. I'm so overwhelmed with life currently and my daddy is in heaven."

Dad gives pep talk to strangers on the internet

Not everyone has supportive parents in their lives and it can be really difficult when you're having a moment where you need parental encouragement. It doesn't seem to matter how old you are, hearing an encouraging word from a parental figure is always comforting. A man on TikTok understands that need and made a special video for women who may need to hear some dad advice.

Old Foul Dude is the name of the TikTok page and while he does let one F-bomb drop, the message he released into the universe is just beautiful. He starts the video looking into the camera, which makes it feel like FaceTime as he continues talking.

"Hey baby girl, I know you're having a rough time. I know you're tired, I know you want to cry. You want to give in, you want to give up, but that ain't you," the man says.

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Man investigating suspicious scammer emails leads to him changing the lives of two people

Instead of deleting his spam emails, he responded and made two friends in the process.

Man investigating suspicious email helps possible scammers.

Just about everyone gets those scam emails, whether it's a Nigerian prince promising you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you just send him money first or someone asking you to click a link to claim a prize you didn't actually win. The scams are intricate and sophisticated, often savvy enough to fool someone who has grown up with the internet. But not every email in your spam folder is from someone attempting to scam you.

At least that's what one man discovered. Ben Taylor decided to dig a little deeper into a suspected scammer that contacted him, but instead of just doing a Google search, Taylor responded to the man. After some back and forth, Taylor learned the man, Joel, did in fact live in Liberia and was reaching out to people for help with business advice.

Now, Taylor didn't just hand over money to a previously thought-to-be scammer. He did something even more unexpected. Taylor helped Joel make a booklet about his life and sold it online so his new friend could make his own money.

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