Some Farms Tried To Keep Their Abuse Secret. Then The Drones Arrived.

We're not used to hearing about drones doing good. Here's an example of technology being used to end abuses, rather than perpetuating them.

After a journalist recorded evidence of animal abuse on an Idaho farm, you would expect to see people praising that investigation while holding the farm responsible. In this case, the exact opposite happened: The industry backed a bill to prohibit undercover footage exposing abuse. These are called "ag-gag" bills, and they're bad news.

These laws raise an important question.

This question and images like this got Will Potter thinking.

And just like that, he started a Kickstarter fund to deploy aerial drones over factory farms. It was funded in five days. Pretty soon, we're going to see exactly what else we can expose.

Warning: some graphic depictions of animal abuse.