Sleep so deep it's almost a spiritual experience

These Baloo products give the gift of a better bedtime and offer a wholistic approach to your nightly routine with their sustainable designs

Sleep so deep it's almost a spiritual experience

Baloo luxury weighted blankets welcome in that spa like refresh, every night of the week. From their sustainable weighted comforters to their Tone Therapy Speakers and Sleep Stone Mask they are absolutely revolutionizing our bedtime routine – and here's how:

Let's talk weighted comforters. Baloo's strategically designed comforters are heavy where it counts: in the center. With airy edges, this bedding is designed to have a little overhang, which not only makes it easier to care for, but also lets you feel freer in your weighted-blanket swaddle. With a range of different designs varying between 15-25lbs, these comforters have just enough oomf so to give you that massage-like, comforting hug that you want in a weighted blanket, without really making you feel "weighed" down.

Speaking of, their weighted blankets are also some of the *coolest* on the market, and we don't just mean aesthetically! They're designed to be breathable so that they can be used in year-round climates and fit perfectly on your bed with minimal overhang. Use them on top of your duvet or between the sheets for that added bit of swaddled comfort year-round. Check them out here and use the code UPWORTHY to get 15% off your order from June 15 – July 15!

While you're there, you may as well see how Baloo's changing our nightly routine. Spoiler alert: it's with this Sleep Stone Mask. You ever heard the expression "you need to sleep on it"? Well this mask was designed for deep contemplation. With a crystal pouch over the third eye chakra it's a great way to help open one of your eyes while your other two drift off into your sub-conscious. Chose amethyst for grounding, rose quartz for stress relief, agate for balance or fluorite for intuition and let the energy of the crystal go to work while you drift off to sleep. This mask is sound muffling, light blocking and supremely comfortable – making it a MUST for your sleep routine.

But crystal sleep masks are the only part of Baloo that get a little *woo-woo*, and we're not mad about it. Their Tone Therapy Speakers give you that fresh sound bath feel, anywhere. The pair play sounds that wash meditative tones over you for three minutes twice a day. Use them in the morning so you can ensure that you wake up on the "right" side of the bed and again at night so you can go to sleep feeling that sound bath *ahhh*.

If tone therapy and sleeping with crystals still isn't enough to relax your psyche, know that this female-founded company is not only carbon neutral, but ocean positive. Baloo's partnered with SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf to help plant mangroves along the island of Biak, Indonesia and also to reintroduce kelp forests off the coast of California. Both of these initiatives help boost local ecosystems and can sequester five times more carbon than tropical rain forests!

And that's not the only way that Baloo gives back. They also donate a portion of their profits to the Pajama Project, an initiative dedicated to providing the most vulnerable children, like those that are houseless or living in foster care, with new pajamas and a book to read for a reassuring bedtime.

Which is essentially what Baloo is all about! So snuggle up sustainably with Baloo's weighted blankets. Order now and take 15% off with the code UPWORTHY through July 15th!

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