In many countries, life for a girl living in poverty becomes especially difficult when she turns 12.

That's because in some cultures, she's considered a "woman" at 12, which means she can be married by 14 and pregnant by 15. Even worse, some girls this age are forced into prostitution to support their families.

It doesn't have to be that way though. Let's rewind to that magic age of 12.

And let's do it this way:

  • She doesn't get married.
  • She doesn't get pregnant.
  • She gets to stay in school.

And then by 18 years old, she can use that education to her advantage.

Education changes everything.

Currently, 65 million elementary- and junior-high-aged girls are out of school worldwide. If all girls across the world finished junior high, there would be 66% fewer child marriages. Just imagine what would happen if they finished high school!

Education really is the key to the future!

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