She's 34, 5'3", and 175 pounds. The world tells her she's not supposed to tell you that.

She's putting herself out there. Literally.

These numbers will make you angry.

They also might make you want to pay the grown woman above to take her clothes off for a bunch of dudes.

Trust me on this one.

FACT: 23 people in the United States die *each day* from eating disorders.

It's a problem.

And yet...

...we're not supposed to talk about it.

Women are burdened by unfair and damaging rules about their bodies.

So comedian and filmmaker Sara Benincasa decided to talk about herself in a way that we aren't supposed to, according to tabloids and retouched magazine covers.

She's sharing 3 numbers:

Is how old Ms. Benincasa is.

Is how tall she is.

Is how many pounds she weighs.

Women aren't supposed to tell the truth about their bodies, but she is.

So she's gonna let a panel of men judge her body.


Sara's taking her clothes off for a really brutally honest experience, and it'll be a short movie.

It's a way to make a statement about owning the body she's got.

Based on the two-minute video below, I hope this gets made.

Her film could help a lot of folks understand why judging a woman (or anyone) on their appearance has to stop.

More people should hear this.

With or without pants.

Donate to this Kickstarter (if you want — no pressure!) by April 16, 2015.

via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

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