RIP Gore Vidal. You Were An Encyclopedia Of Awesome.

Gore Vidal passed away on July 31, 2012. Some fun facts: He never went to college. He was the first novelist to write about being gay in a positive light, and he came to prominence with his novel "The City and the Pillar." He wrote 25 novels in total. He loved courting controversy and had ongoing discussions with terrorist Timothy McVeigh before his execution. He was anti-war to the extreme, and in his later years said some things that offended lots of people. He was an incredibly eloquent firebrand, and I will always remember him for speaking truth to power. And this.

Watch a couple of scenes from one of my favorite movies, "Bob Roberts," a mockumentary about a conservative politician/folk singer (Tim Robbins) who rallies fear and hate to win an election. Below is a debate between the singer and his liberal statesman opponent, played by Gore Vidal. Watching it again for the first time in in a long time, it's amazing how well it's aged.

Does this sound like every debate you've ever heard the last 20 years?