More And More Pregnant Women Are Being Misled About Their Choices. Big Time.

Odds are you don't seek health advice with hopes of receiving inaccurate info. That'd be so weird! But actually, that's sort of what's happening at these centers that are often disguised as something they're not — and sometimes they even get government money to do it. What the heck?

NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation

This particular incident happened in the UK, but hello, United States, you've got a lot of these too.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) aren’t new, but the number of them in the United States keeps growing and growing (4,000+ today!). It’s fine by my me if they want to operate, but I think they should have to be super up-front in their advertising that they are anti-abortion and counsel women that way. Misleading women about their options isn't just unfair, it's dangerous. And if you're curious about the government money I mentioned above, here are some examples in Texas, North Carolina, and South Dakota.