MAP: Is Your City More Unequal Than A Developing Country?

With the gap between the rich and the poor in the United States reaching record levels, perhaps a little perspective is in order. Based on its Gini Coefficient (a measure of inequality where .00 is perfectly equal and 1.00 is most unequal), the United States (.450) currently enjoys a level of income inequality that puts it roughly in the same neighborhood as Iran (.445) and the Philippines (.457). So, which developing nation is your hometown closest to?  

MAP: Is Your City More Unequal Than A Developing Country?
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Eviction seemed imminent for Dasha Kelly, 32, and her three young daughters Sharron, 8; Kia, 6; and Imani, 5, on Monday. The eviction moratorium expired over the weekend and it looked like there was no way for them to avoid becoming homeless.

The former Las Vegas card dealer lost her job due to casino closures during the pandemic and needed $2,000 to cover her back rent. The mother of three couldn't bear the thought of being put out of her apartment with three children in the scorching Nevada desert.

"I had no idea what we were going to do," Kelly said, according to KOAT.

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