I've Always Dreamed Of Interrupting A Teacher During History Class. How He Did Was Just Brilliant.

No disrespect to teachers. They put up with some supremechallenges at times, often doubling as parents, confidants, and even modern-daysoldiers.I say all of that as a warning. When you see how this studenttalks to his teacher, it may be a little jarring. (At first I was like — whoa!)But that’s only because what he’s saying about history and the flawed way it’s been taught is true. So yeah, this student blames the messenger, but it’s onlybecause she’s first in a line of many who should rethink how and what we teachin schools.My absolute favorite part is when the comicrelief kicks in, when a note is passed at 5:50. You've gotta watch it before that, though, to get it.

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