It’s Not That Her Mom Doesn’t Care. She Just Can’t Believe What Her Daughter’s Trying To Say.

This could be any mother and daughter, really, just trying to understand each other. But given the subject matter — that Kiribati, their tiny home in the middle of the Pacific, is most likely going to be underwater in the next 30-50 years — it’s also a collision between what some people think is impossible and what really is about to happen. In this surprising, sweet tribute to her mother, the filmmaker eventually realizes she has to come up with her own way of thinking about the future.

Kiribati is a group of 32 atolls and one coral island where 100,000 people live, midway between Australia and Hawaii. The sea has risen 8-10 inches already, and saltwater has infiltrated its water supply and soil. It’s predicted that it may rise as much as three feet by 2100. Here's more information about Kiribati and other places affected by global warming’s rising seas.