If You Were Looking At The Beautiful Picture This Guy Is Looking At, You'd Have This Reaction Too

Denis came to America with only $5 in his pocket and no reminders of home, hoping to get an education. His family couldn't come with him, nor could pictures. (Nor can he return, for safety reasons.) So to keep in touch with his young son Simon, he's been doing this. Something happens to my eyes at 2:27, but I swear it's because I'm chopping onions right now.


Stories like Denis' are common with young men in Uganda, but they don't have to be. Denis is a big believer in Friends of UNIFAT, an amazing school which helps provide technology and education to over 1,300 young Ugandans. If you're moved by Denis' story, you too can help create a better life for these kids by making a donation to Friends of UNIFAT. And if you could share this, we'd owe you one. Totally your call though.