If You Were Born Between 1982 And 2002, There's Stuff You Should Know About You And Your Awesomeness

If you were born between 1982 and 2004, you're part of a special club called millennials.

You remember toys like this:

and TV shows like this:

As a generation, millennials are pretty rad.

Being in The Millennial Club also means you were shaped by some pretty intense shit, like Hurricane Katrina:

The Great Recession and Occupy Wall Street protests

And America's first black president.

All these things and more sculpted the 82 million millennials in the U.S. We make up the largest voting bloc in the country! Think about what we could do with that power, yo!

Some people say millennials are self-involved and take too many selfies. To them, I say, "You people are absurd."

And then I have them watch this video about what we are actually all about:

It's about time we start sharing the message of who we actually are to the world.


The owner of a donut store has been praised for defending a homeless man who hangs out outside of the store from an angry customer. The owner of Nomad Donuts, based in San Diego, defended the "intelligent and respectful" man after the customer implied that seeing him made them feel guilty about buying donuts.

The exchange was spotted by Reddit user beerbellybegone on Reddit, who shared screenshots on the social media site. The one-star review by the angry customer states: "A homeless guy has *lived* (morning noon and night) against the front entrance for about a year. Really makes me feel great about spending $5 on a jelly donut."


In a reply, owner Brad Keiller explained that the homeless man, Ray, was actually an asset to the store. He went on to explain Ray's background in a thought-provoking defense.

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