If There’s YouTube In Heaven, 1 Bullied Teen Will Be Smiling When She Sees This

Amanda Todd is famous on the Internet, but not in a good way. The 15-year-old posted her story about being brutally bullied on YouTube, weeks before committing suicide. It’s been uploaded, shared, and commented on by millions around the world. This video, featuring a bunch of teens, is the most pragmatic, raw, and constructive reaction to Amanda’s suicide I’ve seen. If Amanda had friends like these teens, she might still be alive today. Here are some of my favorite moments: 8.42: “Karma will bite them in the ass one day, and it will be awesome.”Rachel 16, on the fate of bullies.  10.21: “They try to talk to adults about it, and the adults try to brush it off like there’s nothing really wrong. So they feel like there’s no hope."Victor 16, on why some bullied kids commit suicide. 12.54: “Notice the bullies, take them … and blow them up. Then it would stop.”Alie 16, on how to end bullying.13.07: “It doesn’t make you look cool. You just look like a douche-licker.”Rumor 17, calling out kids who bully.

If There’s YouTube In Heaven, 1 Bullied Teen Will Be Smiling When She Sees This

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