If Bankers Had To Take A Truth Serum, They’d Be In Trouble!

The big daddy of tax havens is not on a tropical offshore island. It’s in the city of London. It’s one of the top financial centers in the world where the super rich plan how to stash their billions, and whittle down tax bills, all while NOT breaking the law. These financial shenanigans caught the attention of a group of activists who rallied in London this past weekend, and put together a hilarious ad. Unethical banking practices sound so much better in a British accent!

If Bankers Had To Take A Truth Serum, They’d Be In Trouble!

This article originally appeared on 09.22.17

What can we learn from letting seventh graders take the SAT?

In the 1960s, psychologist Julian Stanley realized that if you took the best-testing seventh graders from around the country and gave them standard college entry exams, those kids would score, on average, about as well as the typical college-bound high school senior.

However, the seventh graders who scored as well or better than high schoolers, Stanley found, had off-the-charts aptitude in quantitative, logical, and spatial reasoning.

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