How One Airport Is About To Start Treating People With Dignity

Things are changing for some folks working at and near Washington state's Sea-Tac airport after a ballot initiative passed granting paid sick leave and a minimum wage of $15 per hour to many workers. It will be a great way to see how that affects businesses, workers, and the standard of living for folks who work and live near there. Next up ... LAX? O'Hare? LaGuardia?

Devon Pasternak/YouTube

"The issue on the table..."

Two of Hamilton's most beloved numbers are the Cabinet Battles between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. In Cabinet Battle #1, the issue on the table was Hamilton's national financial plan. In Cabinet Battle #2, the issue was whether to provide France assistance in their revolutionary war.

But there was a third rap battle written for the show, which was cut due to time and because it didn't actually move the plot along. The issue on the table for Cabinet Battle #3? Slavery.

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