Here's why pole dancing can be empowering for some women.

Heads-up: If you don't want to view not-safe-for-work content at the moment, just avoid hitting "play" on the video and read the rest.

Many people have trouble finding sexual empowerment.

These women found it through pole dancing.

These four women and 12 others have a spotlight in the short film "Why I Dance." The seven-minute video highlights how a group of women found themselves and became at home in their bodies after they began pole dancing.

"Wait, whoa!" you might be saying. "I thought pole dancing was sexually degrading to women!"

To which I say: A display of sexuality is not automatically degrading.

When you watch these women, you will realize they OWN themselves. They are doing this for them.

Like so.

The signs say it all.

And what's also great about the video is the variety of bodies, skin colors, ages, and women in it. You don't have to look a certain way to feel comfortable in your sexuality.

Some women may not find pole dancing empowering, and that's OK. But these women do, and why they do matters.

By the end of the video, I nearly cried. I'm not joking. The song, the expressions, the expert dancing, the sheer joy and wholeness ... here, how about I just let you be the judge?

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