The scary truth about political tribalism is that it can cause people to rationalize truly terrible acts.

Over the past two years, political tribalism has led conservatives to chalk up Donald Trump’s admission that he sexually assaults women to “locker room talk.” It’s also given people reason to defend an alleged pedophile, Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore.

It's hard to believe that anyone would have defended Trump's behavior if he was just the host of "The Apprentice" or if Moore he wasn't a combatant in the political arena.

And, most recently, people are making excuses for the alleged sexual assaults committed by Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

In a recent tweet thread, writer, activist, and editorial director at Crush the Midterms, Marisa Kabas perfectly picked apart the excuses made by some of Kavanaugh's supporters.

While some simply don’t believe the allegations, many have made excuses for his alleged behavior, claiming he was “just a boy” and that what he did “shouldn't ruin his life.”

But when they do so, they are neglecting the most important person in the story, the victim.

Kabas' tweet threat inspired many passionate responses.

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