He Looks Deceptively Friendly. Watch For 10 Seconds, And That Will Change.

A brilliant animation about just what humans have done to the planet and its creatures. And, umm, it doesn't even touch on what humans do to each other.

Well, that video kinda bummed me out. So ... I decided to reverse it!

First, get unkilled by aliens:

Leave your throne on top of a destroyed earth and get to steppin'! There's a world to save, man!

Stop it with the creepy animal factory stuff and the toxic waste. Un-creepify that stuff.

Rebuild some trees.

Unkill some animals that you just killed for fun.

Put some fish back into their ecosystem, and get rid of some toxic stuff from the water!

Un-turn an elephant's ivory into a piano.

Un-club and de-jacket-ize a baby seal!

De-industrial fry a chicken.

Un-batter the chicken, remove toxins.

Let the snakes not be boots.

Don't kill a bug for fun!


Earth: SAVED. It was kinda fun, right?

I'm not advocating for us to stop building a city and to never eat a chicken, but man ... what if we did try to start over? What if we reversed the video ... BUT IN REAL LIFE? Kinda fun to think about.

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