He Asked A Question, And A Bunch Of People Lied. So He Told Them A Truth That We All Need To Hear.

Living with mental illness is hard. Not impossible, but hard. One reason is the judgments people place on individuals with mental illness. These judgments have consequences for everyone, not just people with mental illness.If you're in doubt, Dr. Denny Morrison proves it over and over — starting with his own assumptions (0:16), the audience's sentiments (1:58), major studies on the cost to society (3:09), failures of the entire health care system (5:55), and lastly, with all of us (8:43).

He Asked A Question, And A Bunch Of People Lied. So He Told Them A Truth That We All Need To Hear.

People are scared to talk about mental health. That's where the stigma comes from: fear. Be part of the solution. Share this.

Viral video shared on Facebook via Cocoa Butter.

A sweet, beautiful little girl sees her reflection as she gets her hair done by her loving mom. And then she utters three little words that would break any mother’s heart:

“I’m so ugly!”

Her mom gasps, instincts kicking in. “Don’t say that!” But by then the daughter has already broken into tears. It’s hard to watch this innocent child’s self-esteem so devastated.

Luckily, mom knew exactly what to say to help her daughter remember her worth. It's easy to see why this touching video has now gone viral.

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Jimmy Fallon #MyFamilyIsWeird.

It’s that time of year again, the holiday season is when we get the pleasure of spending way more time than we’re used to with our families. For those of us who’ve moved away from our immediate families, the holidays are a great time to reacquaint ourselves with old traditions and to realize that some of them may be a little strange.

Every family seems to have its own brand of weirdness. In fact, I wouldn’t trust anyone who says that their family is completely normal.

On November 18, “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon gave everyone a reason to celebrate their unique families by asking them to share their favorite stories under #MyFamilyIsWeird. The responses were everything from odd holiday traditions to family members that may have a screw (or two!) loose.

Here are 17 of the funniest responses.

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