For 400 Years, We've Been Doing Charity All Wrong. One Guy Explains.

I always thought I was being smart when looking at a charitable organization's ratio of overhead to actual money used for the cause. Turns out, that probably isn't the right way to be assessing to whom I should give my money. There are a few real aha moments in this piece, as well as some interesting historical perspective. Hit play to learn the five ways in which the nonprofit world is held back that the for-profit world isn't.

For 400 Years, We've Been Doing Charity All Wrong. One Guy Explains.

If you spend any amount of time on social media at all, you know there's a whirlpool of information and misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccines that help prevent severe illness and death from it.

Getting vaccine information from a random individual doctor isn't generally advisable, since there are plenty of misinformation mongers with impressive degrees out there. (They are one reason we have medical associations and public health institutions to maintain standards of research and information.) However, sometimes an individual doctors have a knack for taking scientific information and translating it into layman's terms.

Comedian and actor Ken Jeong did just that with the Delta variant and vaccine efficacy on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Jeong is best known for his TV and film roles, but prior to his success in Hollywood, he had a whole career as an internal medicine physician. Watch:

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