For 400 Years, We've Been Doing Charity All Wrong. One Guy Explains.

I always thought I was being smart when looking at a charitable organization's ratio of overhead to actual money used for the cause. Turns out, that probably isn't the right way to be assessing to whom I should give my money. There are a few real aha moments in this piece, as well as some interesting historical perspective. Hit play to learn the five ways in which the nonprofit world is held back that the for-profit world isn't.

Right now, the U.S. is engaged in deep debates about how to handle school re-openings in the fall in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. It's a question with no good answers, unfortunately. But the question itself is shining a spotlight on the various functions schools serve and what we've come to expect out of teachers and schools beyond just teaching kids—expectations that, when you see them all written out, actually seem quite absurd.

An award-winning teacher from Iowa, Allison Hoeman, has beautifully explained how society has dumped most of its failings onto the shoulders of schools and teachers, and now expects them to offer themselves up as tribute during a literal pandemic.

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