Congresswoman Is Confronted By Reality And Proceeds To Pretend It Doesn't Exist

Let's be honest. The rollout of Obamacare's website has been less than awesome. So, naturally, its critics went on the attack. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) was apparently given some stale talking points to attack it. And when asked questions that invalidated everything she had claimed, she got stuck in some sort of weird cyber-politician loop where she just kept repeating it. Reality seems to have broken her circuitry.

Congresswoman Is Confronted By Reality And Proceeds To Pretend It Doesn't Exist

As ThinkProgress found out, even if the site asked for personal medical information, which it doesn't, it's not actually required to follow HIPAA practices. So literally everything she said was wrong, on top of being completely meaningless. Good times.

There are plenty of reasons to be critical of the rollout. This, however, is totally pretend.

It used to be that magazines set the unrealistic standard for beauty in our lives. Now, that has sort of shifted... to Instagram. All types of people curate perfect versions of themselves on social media that do not actually reflect their real life. And one mom, Jen Flint, witnessed this image cultivation in real time one day when she was at the pool with her kids.

In a viral Facebook post, Jen writes that while she was at the pool, she saw "a young Mama and her little daughter enter the pool area dressed in very nice coordinating swimming suits." The mom proceeded to talk to her friend loudly on the phone while her daughter waited to get into the pool. After the phone call was over, Mom set up the perfect, Instagrammable scene: matching towel, pool toys arranged just so, and sunscreen laid out nicely. Instead of letting her daughter get into the pool and playing with her, mom snapped photos of the two of them posing, a perfect picture of fun.

But, Jen argues, the reality was much different. The little girl played in the water for a few minutes alone while mom talked to another friend on the phone. The girl repeatedly asked her mom to join her in the pool. "She was ignored," Jen writes. A mere 10 minutes later, "Mama ended her call, collected the sunscreen that was never applied, the water toys that never touched the water, and then her daughter and left the pool."

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